How to boost patient engagement?

Transparency is at the heart of patient engagement process today. Read about ways of fostering patient engagement.

Transparency is at the heart of patient engagement process today. The more patients are kept in the loop, the more trust is built and the better is the healthcare delivery. Today, a major disruption in healthcare is seen in the way information is disseminated to patients on several technology platforms. Fortunately, these platforms are founded on transparency along with security of sensitive data so healthcare providers disclose only that information which is most relevant while maintaining a definite level of trust.

Despite this, healthcare providers need to constantly make efforts to boost patient engagement. Here’s how -

- Make it convenient for patients to access medical records such as online records
- Make sure you disseminate vital information via email
- Recommend secured Mhealth Apps to patients, apps that are ad-free so no third party has access to patient data
- Always encourage and offer virtual doctor visits
- Make your healthcare collaboration platform mobile/device-responsive
- Patients are always online on their phones, make sure you are there to gauge their needs
- Use simple-to-use technology tools to involve seniors

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Whether you are looking out to build a chatbot on top of your telehealth app as a smart symptom tracker, or take charge of improving overall healthcare experience of your hospital by connecting your staff, doctors and patients over a gamified online community integrated with various fitness wearables and medical devices, turn to Vinfotech.

Vinfotech is design-led healthcare ecosystem software provider for governments, healthcare organizations, care providers, medical ISVs, device manufacturers and software product companies with following expertise:
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