Integrated solutions in clinical information exchange lead to better coordinated care

Healthcare coordination today is a good mix of advanced and integrated solutions. Often digital technology tools help achieve this mix, tools such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and clinical decision support technologies.

Healthcare coordination today is a good mix of advanced and integrated solutions. Often digital technology tools help achieve this mix, tools such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs), online documentation and billing processes, automated prescription and lab ordering tools and clinical decision support technologies. All these tools ensure that information within a healthcare organization is shared harmoniously.

This is often termed as Clinical Information Exchange (CIE) – a system that facilitates information such as latest diagnostic images, recent prescription history, current blood work and so on. A robust CIE system also provides analytics enabling care teams and physicians fathom the volume of services in proportion to the cost involved. As a result, the teams are able to infuse quality in healthcare delivery.

CIE platforms channelize collaborative care in a healthcare system. This includes integration of data from various sources such as lab and diagnostic reports; health risk assessments, medical and pharmacy claims; medication, and EMRs.

But how much can the CIE platforms be trusted? The Meaningful Use initiative by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act is now targeting to bring CIEs and other information-sharing technologies into the mainstream. According to Stage II requirements, providers are expected to have the ability to exchange information electronically with other providers, patients, laboratories hospitals, pharmacies etc. What’s refreshing is that this kind of capability has been offered on emerging interoperability platforms and enabled by technologies such as the enterprise master patient index. This makes the digital platforms invaluable since care teams can know where a patient is at various points of recovery. All providers need now, is access to patient data through EHRs or web portals.

Benefits of CIE platforms –

 / Healthcare providers can eliminate redundant testing and improve healthcare quality and outcomes
 / Providers can improve safety of patients by reducing medical errors and unnecessary medication
 / These platforms also improve public health reporting and monitoring
 / Overall efficiency is increased since unnecessary paperwork and handling are eliminated
 / Caregivers are better equipped to take clinical decisions due to support tools for better delivery of care
 / Providers can now engage consumers about their personal health information easily
 / Significant reduction of healthcare cost for patients
At the heart of improvement in healthcare delivery are integrated solutions that help in efficient coordination of care. We live in a digitally connected world where patient data is secured, can be easily shared and this results in high-quality healthcare delivery.

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