The hurdles of telehealth and how to overcome them?

As Telehealth solutions provider, Vinfotech can develop telemedicine applications designed to be ancillary service to doctors by being a regular resource for patients.

Telehealth has existed for decades in some form in the world of healthcare. However, in the last few years, telehealth software solutions has truly come of age. It has been proven to bridge gaps of the shortage of healthcare facilities in rural and remote areas along with breaking other physical and social barriers for teleconsultation for both physicians and patients.

Yet, several obstacles exist in the way of implementation of telehealth services. What are these hurdles? And how can we overcome them?

Technological hurdles

Earlier, a lot of telehealth service projects failed at the pilot stage simply because the users were not made abreast of the benefits and the right use of the tools. Other times, integration of wearable devices was not done successfully that created the problem of data locking. However, the concept of interoperability and data integration in the emerging technology has addressed these issues and made it very easy for the users to transmit information as per compliances without any hassles. Now healthcare teams are being trained in telehealth software solutions as part of their usual care training.

Economic concerns

Another reason why telehealth took time to pick up was that physicians didn’t have economic incentives for adopting remote monitoring services. As a result, they were being paid or reimbursed only for the physical consultation activities. This has changed over the years. Now patients, as well as healthcare institutions, are realizing that remote consultation has been as effective as a physical consultation and hence physicians must be reimbursed for their time and services. Payment models have provided incentives to the physicians yet keeping the cost of consultation low for patients.

Data management

Healthcare ecosystem deals with sensitive patient data that needs care and management. This means while the right information must be shared with the concerned physician, it must also be protected from other users. This is a delicate balance that can be extremely overwhelming with the ever-multiplying patient data. As a result, today we have compliant digital healthcare platforms with authorized sharing of information along with connected devices and cloud storage facilities that make data management efficient.

While the above hurdles have been overcome, a more widespread adoption would take a few more years. Yet, the mindsets of physicians, patients, and healthcare providers have changed and these users have become more open to using telehealth software solutions. Vinfotech promises to resolve all these hurdles and provide custom telehealth system as per the requirements. Contact us for more details.

  • Physician licensing challenges
  • Complicated telemedicine credentialing process
  • Insufficient capital expenditure and lack of reimbursements

About Vinfotech

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