There’s no healthcare without care coordination

Lack of coordination results in not only medical mishaps but also deaths. Learn the benefits of care coordination.

There’s more merit in the saying - precaution is better than cure - than we imagine. This is especially pertinent in the light of growing number of deaths out of medical carelessness. The lack of coordination among the health care staff is the third leading cause of deaths in America. As many as 700 deaths happen in a day, not from injury or illness that can not be treated and has the inevitable outcome, but due to the mismanagement of care and medication.

Since healthcare is meant to save injury and lives, it cannot exist without a proper mechanism for care coordination. If care teams want to deliver better healthcare and reimbursement, coordination among the caretaking groups becomes mandatory. The information of the health-status of a patient, care teams find out at every single stage through tests, research and studies, is important to be communicated to all the participants involved in a patient's healthcare activities.

Doctors of a few prestigious medical institutions in America also verify the need of effective and centralized coordination in system among hospitals, diagnostic centers and specialist staff. They concluded the need after a recent survey that sought death statistics due to medical malpractices.

Death is the last consequence. However, there are several difficulties, doctors and patients have to face due to lack of coordination in the system. Some of them are:
• Most often a patient is not aware of the reason for which he is being referred from a primary care doctor to a specialist.
• The doubts of a patient regarding further treatment after seeing a specialist remain unresolved.
• There is no node of communication between the primary care physician and the specialist. The primary care physician doesn’t have any clue about what prescription and treatment is given to the patient in a referral visit.
• Specialists often don’t receive the clear reasons for referral and also don’t have the complete information of a patient’s illness.

Collaboration platforms bring system
What the several surveys and researches brought forward must be a call for action for bringing about coordination into the medical processes so to cope with a rapid shift in medical care and patients’ inconvenience. It can be resolved by deploying a centralized healthcare collaboration platform which can simplify the communication between primary care physicians, patients, and referral staff. The digital care coordination systems have been built to resolve the problem and also organize patient’s medical details in an e-record which can be shared deliberately with the concerned participant involved in the medical care. The records store medical history, medications, allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, personal statistics like age and weight and also the billing information. It prevents the loss of patient's medical information and helps in thorough treatment. The digital care coordination system has changed the quality of delivery of care and medication services.

Around 15-20% of large size(400 beds) hospitals in the US have already deployed an advanced and smart digital care coordination system whereas 80% hospitals don’t even have a basic EHR platform. The implementation of such digital care system seems important for the betterment of delivery of safe and efficient medical care.

If you need such a digital collaboration platform, Vinfotech can be your extended team for development and design. We have built innovative and secure cloud-based tools like clinical collaboration tools, mobile health applications and patient portals to engage and educate patients in their healthcare planning & decision making process, with significantly less effort and time. We would love to hear from you.

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