How is telehealth impacting physicians & patients?

Read why more than half of all the US hospitals currently have a telemedicine program. 

How is telehealth impacting physician’s practices?

For several physicians worldwide, there’s no alternative to personal visits or in-office consultations. Many of these physicians may regard telehealth solutions with hesitation and doubt. However, this has been steadily changing since telehealth or remote patient monitoring has enabled them to elevate the levels of care for those patients who couldn’t be reached personally earlier.

In a 2015 survey, physicians found that they were able to resolve patient’s issues 83% of the time on average during an initial telemedicine visit. Another survey said that they were able to resolve 60% of telemedicine visits with a prescription. Today, more than half of all the US hospitals currently have a telemedicine program. And physicians have been benefitted by the technology as much as patients.

Here’s how telemedicine is impacting patients:

Physicians are able expand reach
Physicians are realizing that they are able to reach patients from the remotest areas through telemedicine solutions. Remote patient monitoring system is enabling them to expand their geographical footprints with very little to almost no additional expenditure.

Physicians can decrease cancellations
Cancellations of patient visits or physicians’ consultations due to emergency reduce significantly due to telehealth solutions. In a 2015 survey, one-third of physicians said they adjusted their business models to be more flexible for accommodating changing modes of care, including the adoption of telemedicine.

Physicians can improve care quality
If physicians were able to resolve patient issues 83% of the time due to telehealth solutions, chances are they would use the time saved to care for patients who need more attention and in-office consultations.

Physicians can follow ‘Meaningful use’ norms
Government mandates such as ‘Meaningful use’ that require medical practitioners to use technology to deliver healthcare, have become easier to adopt for physicians now that they have truly understood the importance of telemedicine. Now there’s HIPAA-compliant video conferencing available that has built trust for both patients and physicians in telelhealth solutions.
In the US, 29 states have telemedicine parity laws for private insurance. Many laws and bills are being considered currently in the US Parliament so more and more hospitals are able to switch to telehealth. Telehealth is not a trend anymore but is an essential part of healthcare solutions.

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About Vinfotech

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